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Jul 2019 - Present
Creator, Trends in Higher Education with D3 Visuals:
This project currently has consisted of parsing pdfs, and html of publicly released university post- graduation surveys to build csv files. After I gather all the required data, I will clean it, and analysis it for trends.
Dec 2018
Learning Project, Machine Learning - Cousera - Stanford
Back in the Summer of 2016 I started this course, but at the time I did not have the math experience required. I decided to give it a go again after completing courses Linear Algebra and Calculus, and it was a great success – I completed all the programing assignments and learned a great deal about how data can be analyzed to make predictions; it also gave me a better appreciation of the math I have learned.
May 2019 - Present
Learning Project, Introduction to Databases - Stanford Lagunita
This course covered the XPath and SQL query languages, efficiently designing database schemes by analyzing dependences and using normal forms, as well as semi-structured data in the form of JSON and XML.
Dec 2018
Learning Project, Introduction to Probablity - Open Courseware - MIT
An extensive course in Probability Theory and Statistical Inference. As work through the course I continued to be amazed by the power of probability theory, I can’t wait apply Bayesian inference, Monty Carlo Simulations and probability distributions to future data science projects. In particular, I am excited to use what I learned in the course in a signal processing/computer vision context.


Sep 2018 - Present
Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics (BSc Hons), University of Edinburgh

Java Javascript (D3JS, Redux, JQuery)
Git Linux and Bash
Python (Numpy, Pandas, Selenium) SQL and XPath
Haskell Regex