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Independent Learning Projects

Dec 2018
Learning Project, Machine Learning - Cousera - Stanford
This course taught me about about a diverse set concepts and algorithms used for applying machine learning including: gadient descent, k-means clustering, techniques for neogtiating bias and variance, and nueral networks.
May 2019 - Present
Learning Project, Introduction to Databases - Stanford Lagunita
This course covered the XPath and SQL query languages, efficiently designing database schemes by analyzing dependences and using normal forms, as well as semi-structured data in the form of JSON and XML.
Dec 2018
Learning Project, Introduction to Probablity - Open Courseware - MIT
An extensive course in Probability Theory and Statistical Inference. I can’t wait apply Bayesian inference, Monty Carlo Simulations and probability distributions to future data science projects. In particular, I am excited to use what I learned in the course in a signal processing/computer vision context.